Advocacy and Legislative Committee: Rita N. Njoku & Toni Lewis (Co-chair)
Is responsible for the formulation and presentation of NJPHA's position on legislation and other advocacy matters.

Membership Committee: Cornelius Mootoo & Kevin McNally (Co-chair)
Is responsible for the recruitment and retention of members, overseeing the processing of applications and the distribution of membership materials.

Communications Committee: Peter Tabbot (Chair)
Members of the committee are involved with increasing awareness about public health and about NJPHS activities through social media, email and newsletter communications, website, and other forms of media.

Program Committee: Dr. Parvin Ahmadkhanlou (Chair) 
Provides guidance to all conference planning committees and develops and maintains a program planning guide.

Awards Committee:  Dr. Jim Brown (Chair)
Members of this committee solicit, review and select the awardees for the annual NJPHA awards.

Finance Committee: Oliver Lontok (Chair)
Provides oversight of all NJPHA financial matters and develops a budget for the organization each year.