Founded in 1875, the New Jersey Public Health  Association is the oldest public health organization in the U.S. Its mission is to strengthen, advocate and  advance public health in New Jersey. Past activities have included:

  • Annual Conferences about public health concerns regarding our returning veterans and lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy
  • National Public Health Week activities
  • Public Health Symposium


To advocate and advance public health issues in New Jersey

Vision for the organization:

To be a highly visible, respected, and non-partisan authority on public health issues and policy  in New Jersey with committed partners in government, non-profit, educational, and corporate sectors throughout the state.

Vision for the community:

New Jersey will have a robust statewide public health infrastructure and services that promote prevention activities and access to health care and works to eliminate health disparities.

Core Values:

Advocacy: The New Jersey Public Health Association should be an independent voice for public health policies, standards and practices that informs, inspires and mobilizes members and the public to act.

Collaboration: Health professionals, students, funders, educators and public health officials must collaborate and communicate effectively to promote better public health policies, standards and practices.

Education: New Jersey residents should have access to information about public health issues and be empowered to make choices to protect their health and the health of their families.

Equity: All New Jersey residents have the right to live in an environment that promotes and protects their health and well-being.

Professional Development: Since the landscape of the public health field is constantly changing, it's important for public health professionals to routinely assess and update their skills and knowledge in order to effectively address present and emerging public health issues.

Responsibility: The government has a responsibility to promote an environment in which all individuals can make healthy choices. All individuals must take personal responsibility for their own health and well-being.

Sustainability: Environmentally and economically sustainable cities and communities are critical to ensuring good public health.