Public Health Info : Radon Action Month and Healthy Community Planning


January is Radon Action Month! Did you know that one in eight New Jersey residences that have been tested have been found to have elevated radon levels? Information to share with your residents on how radon impacts the risk of lung cancer among smokers and nonsmokers can be found here.

 Learn about radon levels in your municipality:

Visit our Healthy Community Planning-NJ (HCP-NJ) website to learn about indoor air radon levels in your municipality and county. Look up the percentage of homes in your municipality that have been tested and the percentage of homes that have elevated radon levels.

How to find this information in HCP-NJ:

  1. On the landing page, scroll down to the map and select your county;
  2. Find your municipality then select Full Report;
  3. Go to page 29 (or page 31)  for the information on radon in your community (page number may be different for some longer reports).

Use resources in HCP-NJ to raise awareness and promote radon testing (general information from HCP-NJ attached):

Use the information on the Turning Data into Action page (located on page 30), for radon resources.

Some ideas for dissemination and outreach include the following:

  • Conduct radon awareness and education by disseminating information on the health impacts of radon.
  • Encourage residents to use a home test kit or hire a NJDEP-certified business to test their home for radon.
  • Post resources found in HCP-NJ promoting radon testing and education (#TestYourNest) on social media and your Township’s webpage. Post/Promote: “You can’t see or smell radon. Testing is the only way to know your level of exposure.”

Please contact us if you have any questions and let us know if you use HCP-NJ data or resources in improving the environmental health of your community.